March 5, 2017

English section

Grile Medicina is a website which helps future students to understand details from the university of medicine and pharmacy from Cluj-Napoca. We share tips and informations which can help you adapt more easily in our city! But first of all, who are we? We are a bunch of students from the romanian section from different years of study and we enjoy helping others ( a reason we have chosen medicine).

English section is a separate page where you can find articles written in english about  UMF  and about Cluj-Napoca. If you have any questions, you can send us an email at By the way, if you study at UMF Cluj-Napoca, you can also become part of our team, come join us and write articles about your medical life.

Click on the pictures below and find out our articles!

1.Exam Session







2.What to expect from the first year of medical school?

3. Medical school kit

4.First year of medical school

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