Medical school kit

First of all, I want to congratulate all of you who got into Med School. Relax, enjoy your holiday as much as you can, because you deserve it all.
In the first year, you’ll need the following: white coat, surgical cap and mask, forceps, scalpel, nonsterile gloves and scrubs.

  • You are going to use the white coat at almost every lab, such as: Biophysics, Cellular Biology, Anatomy, Psychology, Biochemistry, Physiology. The coat has to be long-sleeved knee length.

These can be found in every medical supplies and equipment store.

  • The surgical cap can be colored as you prefer and you have to wear it in the anatomy lab. There are single-use caps that are more comfortable.
  • The surgical mask in the anatomy lab is extremely helpful because the corpses are soaked in formaline, which is a toxic substance that causes sore throat and watery eyes. On top of it, it smells really bad.
  • There are two types of forcepses: anatomical and surgical. The second one has at the end of it two extra dinti that are better at grabbing parts of the body. Although, I do not recommend the surgical forceps because it can tear the corpse easily.
  • The scalpel: In General Medicine and Dentistry you’ll have one corpse per year. This means that 300 students are going to “chop” one single corpse. Can you imagine what would happen if every one of you would cut on that corpse ? Personally, I got to cut in the second year, when the teacher trusted us.
  • Nonsterile gloves: It is not the best feeling in the world to touch the corpse barehanded, although it is sterilized.
  • Scrubs: In the first-aid class or when you are on call at the “Medicala III” hospital you will have the opportunity to wear them.

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