First year of medical school

I had great expectations of what my first year of medical school was going to be like. Looking back, I realize how lost and helpless I had felt, having no clue as to what was about to happen or whether it would be everything I had ever dreamt of. I am writing this article in Read more about First year of medical school[…]

What to expect from the first year of medical school?

How hard is the first year of medical school? As hard as 15kilograms of  books… but you don’t need to trust my approximation It is not easy. It is also not impossible. The English or Romanian language don’t have enough words to describe the happiness and enthusiasm that I had experienced when I found out Read more about What to expect from the first year of medical school?[…]

Exam session

Today, as I was listening the song called “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”, I’ve been thinking that this is the exact feeling that you have when you are in session at Med School, only a little bit modified: Eat NoSleep Study Repeat. I’ve been studying the whole semester since the beginning, and I can proudly say Read more about Exam session[…]

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